For all Britons
An idea by Karl Anders

A unique
kit for all
of Britain


Can you hear it anymore? Can you talk about it anymore? Can you think about it anymore? We neither. That’s why we turned distopia into chance. Let’s stay friends. We created a survival kit for all citizens of Great Britain to get up. It’s a signal and a call for positivity.

Cheer up!

Never fear!

Cheer up!

Never fear!

The survival kit

Let's get into detail. We were thinking a lot of what you really need. We aren’t the grandma who distributes unneeded gifts. Seriously, what is necessary for a separate nation?

First of all you need stickers. Everyone needs stickers. To spread your emotions – positive and negative – and share your confidence.

You are not confident? You don’t feel British identity in your veins but rather feel lost? No worries, our manual 'How to keep calm without the EU' advises you with practical tips what to do in case of emergency, or at least in case of despair.

You’re a travel nation. But have you ever questioned why? We have. And considered that you got everything in your own country. Who needs a continent if you live on an island? To remember that fact we added some postals of overrated resorts into the kit.

If you still miss the scent of your old love – we produced 'Eau d'EU', a European fragrance.

Maybe nothing can seriously help your sluggishness. Not even our medicine against wanderlust. Not even our socks. Yes, there are socks! Not even our handkerchief. Not even our crafted 'Eau revoir Schnapps'. But remember: Time heals all wounds. And there are even worse things than Brexit going on in our world.
We love you.

An idea for London based ICON magazine. By Karl Anders from Hamburg, Germany.